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Zorrinlicious's Profile Page

Name: Zorrin
Age: 17
DOB: 11/24
Hobby: Drawing these stupid comic things.
Description: She likes to think that if she really were in a band that she would be the wicked sweet drummer, but in reality she'd probably be a tech chick for some major band and would then feel very important but no one would know about her, especially not said major band. She believes the world would be a much better place if everyone gave out more random hugs to strangers, and that everyone should wear tye-dye shirts more often. She also thinks people should not drive by said tye-dyed people and shout, "FUCK YOU HIPPIE" on their way by. She thinks that the Chinese were on to something when they invented Chinese food. She enjoys indie rock and often retardo electronica, and her favorite color is orange. Wasn't that insightful?
Found At: deviantART, Tegaki E, her blog, and Last.fm
Fun Fact: Tortillas are like the best thing ever.