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Name: Takeshi "Hoshi" Yamamoto

Age: 14 (as of start of Book 1)

DOB: July 10

Species: 3/4 Lycanthrope, 1/4 Human

Race: 3/4 White, 1/4 Asian

Star Sign: Cancer


Description: Hoshi is the protagonist of of story. (as if you couldn't figure that out by yourself)

He's pretty much a loser in almost all possible ways, but he always has Leigh and Reed there to take care of him; though sometimes he feels like the only people he can actually talk to aren't really people at all, and are, in fact, his two pet cats Monster and Sparkplug.

He doesn't like it when anyone brings up anything about his name, as he's not really as Asian as all the nerds at school would like to believe; yet more so than the people who think he's a poser because of that. Also, he would prefer not to be confused with the Takeshi Yamamoto from a certain Katekyo Hitman Reborn. He's not nearly badass enough for such things, anyway.

Fun Fact: In Japanese, his 'Hoshi' means 'Star'.

Name: Reed Thompson

Age: 14

DOB: March 3

Species: Lycanthrope

Race: White

Star Sign: Pisces


Description: Reed is an elitist asshole.

It's a miracle Hoshi and Leigh hangout with him. He claims that they do because he's so awesome, but Hoshi says he doesn't really know and Leigh says it's because she's trying to keep him from getting himself killed or some such out there in the real world.

Reed and Hoshi grew up together, so know they see eachother as brothers. For the most part, anyway. They never did that tongue-touch thing.

Fun Fact: Reed has a hamster named "Polish Bastard." He calls him Poba.

Name: Leigh Malsum

Age: 15 (as of start of Book 1)

DOB: September 21

Species: Lycanthrope

Race: Black/Asian

Star Sign: Virgo


Description: Leigh functions more or less as the brains of the trio, though her competency at such a task is constantly in question.

Her parents were part of Hoshi's parents band of followers back in the day, so they always saw alot of eachother when they were little. Mostly it was just Hoshi and Reed playing practical jokes on her she denoucing them as nothing but stupid boys, but they've grown very close to eachother over the years.

Leigh was adopted, as her parents are gay and unable to have any of their own. She loves them like they're her actual parents, though, since she's never had anyone but them and her little brother Joseph really, aside from Hoshi and his parents.

Fun Fact: Leigh keeps a diary of every pickup line she hears. She's accumulated some pretty good ones over the years.

Name: Isaac Turnfield

Age: 17 (as of start of Book 1)

DOB: April 14

Species: Human

Race: White

Star Sign: Aries


Description: The guitarist Isaac is valued as a member of the Blufin Killies for his ability to successfully deal with the outside world in a manner the rest of the band seems to lack, which is good for auditions and explaining to the police exactly what happened.

He and his pet hyacinth macaw, Copenhagen, live more or less in the boonies with his father, though they often go and visit his brother Aaron in the Garden. He never stays too long, however, for fear of one of his obnoxious younger cousins discovering him there and insisting on visiting.

Overall, he's a really nice guy who wouldn't give a second thought at lending you his life's savings, though he does have a very quick temper, sometimes violently so. Usually Monroe can shoot him down fast enough for him not to cause any real trouble, though.

Fun Fact: He absolutely depises it when people refer to him as 'Ike'.

Name: Shamus Monroe

Age: 18

DOB: January 20

Species: Human

Race: White

Star Sign: Capricorn


Description: The drummer. As he detests his name 'Shamus' he insists that everyone call him by his last name, Monroe. He functions more or less as the leader of the Blufin Killies, though under careful scrutiny you would find that he tends to bend to Isaac and Madison's wills most of the time.

When not spending his time with the band, he can be found either studying at the Metropolitan College for Applied Design towards his degree in industrial design, or, at home, tending to his younger siblings. He's childhood friends with Isaac, and has gotten him out of trouble so many times it's a miracle he still speaks to him. Isaac maintains that he secretly likes it, however, and he just might be right.

He's very controlling and has to make sure everyone is doing things his way, whatever that may be. Despite this, he doesn't actually want to draw direct attention to himself. And though he may appear to be very rough on the outside, he's actually surprisingly sensitive. Not that he'd ever show it.

Fun Fact: He has a small dragon tattooed on his shoulder. He doesn't remember how it got there and likes to pretend it doesn't exist.

Name: Madison Jones

Age: 17

DOB: October 4

Species: Human

Race: Black

Star Sign: Libra


Description: Madison, aside from being a kickass bass guitarist, is also a good poet, if sort of abstract. She has the task of penning most of their songs, collaborating with Monroe for words and concepts and with Isaac for melodies.

None of the rest of the band actually know where she lives, if they need to meet with her for whatever reason she tells them to go to some landmark or another. When spotted at school she's usually found sitting alone or with one or another of her small group of friends, whom no one else in the school seems to know, either.

While Monroe may be the main organizer of the Blufin Killies, if you look closer you'd see that really it's Madison who's running the show. She never raises her voice to anyone, nor does she blackmail them, but for some reason they all seem to listen to her.

Fun Fact: She has a hat for every occasion. No, really.